Veteran Benefits by State

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NRA Member Discount

  • Stratton Custom is listed on the NRA site as providing a discount for members. (Percentage discount is not listed.)
  • 784 S. RIVER ROAD #108
    ST. GEORGE, UT 84790
    Phone: (435) 986-3959
    Stratton Custom Gun Accessories and Services : - Scope Bases Scope Rings Forend Hanger Bars Rimfire Firing Pins Pocket Tools Slings Frames Hammer Extensions Thompson, Center, Encore, contender, G2, Custom Thompson/Center Encore and Contender Custom Products and Services.

Age Factor on Unemployability Benefit

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Vet groups warn lawmakers not to impose age factor on unemployability benefit

Walmart Savings Catcher

Do you know about Walmart Savings Catcher?  It can save you money.

How it works:

Sign up for a free account here:

Each time you shop at WalMart, you get a receipt.  Go to the website (above link), log in and enter the number for savings.  (See the example that I have circled on the picture below.)

You may get nothing, you might get 50 cents, or you might get $3.00 per shopping trip – depending on what you purchase.

Savings Catcher will go away and check other places for prices and if they find a lower price anywhere, you will get a credit to your savings account.  You’ll get an e-mail that they’ve received your receipt and another e-mail when they find savings.  I’ve been doing this for two or three months and have $20 in my savings.  When you have enough saved that you want to spend it, choose an option and you’ll get either a WalMart egift card or credit to an American Express Bluebird card.

Check it out!

Items for Homeless Vets

Steve Duke tells us he has some items in a storage unit meant for homeless vets - not a lot, but some good items such as sleeping bags, hygiene kits, long underwear, etc.  If anyone knows of a vet who could benefit from these items, please contact Steve at 435.703.0135.

Army-Navy Game for Disabled Veterans

A story we haven't heard much about:

Bennett and Vivian Levin Christmas Gift

Vietnam War Memorial Fundraising

Click here for Vietnam War Wall Memorial in Layton, Utah


Order a brick for this fund raiser:  Order a brick

Eagle Monument for Ivins Nursing Home


In the link above is a form - the Last Chance to purchase Eagle Monument Bricks!  Will you please spread the word!  Our unveiling ceremony will be May 29th at 2:00pm.  A formal invitation will be going out.
Jacqueline Peterson, State Officer
Southern Utah Veterans Home
160 North 200 East
Ivins, UT 84738

Veterans with Disabilities Fishing Licensing

UT Admin Code R657-12.  Hunting and Fishing Accommodations for People With Disabilities, Page 4 of 5.
R657-12-10.  Fishing Licenses for Veterans with Disabilities

(1)    A resident who has a service-connected disability of 20% or more and is not eligible to fish without a license under Section 23-19-14 or to receive a free fishing license under Section 23-19-36* may purchase a discounted 365-day fishing license upon furnishing verification of a service-connected disability and paying the fee established in the approved fee schedule.
    (a)    "Armed Forces" means the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, including the reserve components thereof and the Army and Air National Guard of the United States.
    (b)    "Service-connected disability" means injury or illness incurred or aggravated:
        (i)    while in Armed Forces service; and
        (ii)    that is recognized by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or by a branch of the Armed Forces.
    (c)    “Verification of Service-Connected Disability" means an official written letter, statement, or card issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs or by a branch of the Armed Forces certifying that the person has a service-connected disability with a disability rating of 20% or higher.

(2)    The discount provided in this section on the purchase of a fishing license does not apply to combination licenses.

(3)    Veteran fishing licenses shall be issued at division offices and may be issued by mail, online or at license agents.  The purchaser may be required to complete an affidavit of the service-connected disability at the time of purchase.

*23-19-36.  Disabled, mentally retarded, and terminally ill persons - License to fish - Fees.
(1)  A resident who is blind, paraplegic, or otherwise permanently disabled so as to be permanently confined to a wheelchair or the use of crutches, or who has lost either or both lower extremities, may receive a license to fish upon:
    (a)  furnishing satisfactory proof of this fact to the Division of Wildlife Resources; and
    (b)  payment of a fee of 50 cents.
(2)  A resident who is a mentally retarded person and is not eligible under Section 23-19-14 to fish without a license may receive a license to fish upon:
    (a)  furnishing verification of mental retardation, as defined in Section 62A-5-101, from a physician; and
    (b)  payment of a fee of $5.
(3)  A resident who is terminally ill, and has less than five years to live, may receive a free license to fish:
    (a)  upon furnishing verification from a physician; and
    (b)  if he qualifies for assistance under any low income public assistance program administered by the Department of Human Services..

A New Way to File a Claim

Online Tools, Standardized Forms, and More

Effective March 24th, 2015, VA is implementing improvements to make it easier for you to apply for benefits.

Online application tools, standardized forms, and a new intent to file process will create faster and more accurate decisions on your claims and appeals.

What does it all mean?

As part of the VA’s full-scale transformation in 2015, these new changes will:

  • Streamline the benefits process, making it faster and easier
  • Use standardized forms to file disability claims and compensation appeals
  • Establish a new intent to file a claim process

Learn more about these important changes:

Click here:  A NEW WAY TO FILE

Audre Wells' New Ride

Please click here for the story on AUDRE WELLS.

200 years ago the War of 1812 Ended

Treaty of Ghent

This month marks the 200th anniversary of the end of the War of 1812. The hostilities formally ended on February 17, 1815, at 11 p.m., when President Madison exchanged ratification documents for the Treaty of Ghent with a British representative.

Although both countries had been exploring the possibility of peace since almost the beginning of the war, official peace negotiations didn’t begin until August 1814 in Ghent, Belgium. The American delegation was made up of some of the best America had to offer: John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Albert Gallatin, Jonathan Russell, and James A. Bayard. Britain, on the other hand, sent lesser-known diplomats, reserving its stronger players for the Congress of Vienna, which began around the same time and addressed European issues following Napoleon’s initial defeat.

News of the signing of the Treaty of Ghent arrives in Britain

Although the two delegations came to the table with many issues to negotiate, in the end the treaty avoided virtually all those subjects—as well as the grievances (such as impressment and restriction of neutral trade) that had caused the war in the first place. Leaving to future resolution nearly all issues the two sides disagreed on, the treaty only really ended hostilities and gave each nation back whatever territory it possessed at the beginning of the war. Neither side emerged a clear victor in the negotiations.

The British and American representatives signed the treaty on December 24, 1814, and the British government ratified it a few days later. However, although the Treaty of Ghent was signed in December, news traveled slowly to the Americas, which meant that some battles—most famously the Battle of New Orleans—were fought after the treaty was signed.

Britain receives word of ratification of Treaty of Ghent by US

A month and a half after the British ratification, the treaty finally made it across the ocean to the United States, and on February 16th, the Senate unanimously ratified the treaty. Madison approved it later the same day and then exchanged ratifications with the British on the 17th, ending the war.

Interested in the War of 1812 or have ancestors who served in it? Explore Fold3’s War of 1812 collection, including pension application files and service records.

Medical Care for Troops Who Participated in Research Projects


Veterans Voice Newsletter

The May 2015 VeteransVoice is now online.
Click here: NEWSLETTER
The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs is happy to let everyone know that the May 2015 newsletter is now online.  This edition of the newsletter has the theme of partnerships.  The Department knows the importance of working with others and having strong and lasting partnerships to achieve goals for Veterans. Within the sections they devoted space for their major partners (Veterans Service Organizations, the U.S. Veterans Administration and others) to keep you informed, clarify matters of importance, and provide tips to assist you in a variety of ways.