Veterans with Disabilities Fishing Licensing

UT Admin Code R657-12.  Hunting and Fishing Accommodations for People With Disabilities, Page 4 of 5.
R657-12-10.  Fishing Licenses for Veterans with Disabilities

(1)    A resident who has a service-connected disability of 20% or more and is not eligible to fish without a license under Section 23-19-14 or to receive a free fishing license under Section 23-19-36* may purchase a discounted 365-day fishing license upon furnishing verification of a service-connected disability and paying the fee established in the approved fee schedule.
    (a)    "Armed Forces" means the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, including the reserve components thereof and the Army and Air National Guard of the United States.
    (b)    "Service-connected disability" means injury or illness incurred or aggravated:
        (i)    while in Armed Forces service; and
        (ii)    that is recognized by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or by a branch of the Armed Forces.
    (c)    “Verification of Service-Connected Disability" means an official written letter, statement, or card issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs or by a branch of the Armed Forces certifying that the person has a service-connected disability with a disability rating of 20% or higher.

(2)    The discount provided in this section on the purchase of a fishing license does not apply to combination licenses.

(3)    Veteran fishing licenses shall be issued at division offices and may be issued by mail, online or at license agents.  The purchaser may be required to complete an affidavit of the service-connected disability at the time of purchase.

*23-19-36.  Disabled, mentally retarded, and terminally ill persons - License to fish - Fees.
(1)  A resident who is blind, paraplegic, or otherwise permanently disabled so as to be permanently confined to a wheelchair or the use of crutches, or who has lost either or both lower extremities, may receive a license to fish upon:
    (a)  furnishing satisfactory proof of this fact to the Division of Wildlife Resources; and
    (b)  payment of a fee of 50 cents.
(2)  A resident who is a mentally retarded person and is not eligible under Section 23-19-14 to fish without a license may receive a license to fish upon:
    (a)  furnishing verification of mental retardation, as defined in Section 62A-5-101, from a physician; and
    (b)  payment of a fee of $5.
(3)  A resident who is terminally ill, and has less than five years to live, may receive a free license to fish:
    (a)  upon furnishing verification from a physician; and
    (b)  if he qualifies for assistance under any low income public assistance program administered by the Department of Human Services..