Walmart Savings Catcher

Do you know about Walmart Savings Catcher?  It can save you money.

How it works:

Sign up for a free account here:

Each time you shop at WalMart, you get a receipt.  Go to the website (above link), log in and enter the number for savings.  (See the example that I have circled on the picture below.)

You may get nothing, you might get 50 cents, or you might get $3.00 per shopping trip – depending on what you purchase.

Savings Catcher will go away and check other places for prices and if they find a lower price anywhere, you will get a credit to your savings account.  You’ll get an e-mail that they’ve received your receipt and another e-mail when they find savings.  I’ve been doing this for two or three months and have $20 in my savings.  When you have enough saved that you want to spend it, choose an option and you’ll get either a WalMart egift card or credit to an American Express Bluebird card.

Check it out!